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In Search of the divine gallery

Sacred Arts visual gallery by Jessica Curtis

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The Academy of Light Centre 

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The Home of the Academy for Future Science Australia, Sacred Resonance & In Search of the Divine. 

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Services currently on offer

The Academy of Light Centre 

  Sound Healing and PMEF Sessions

Using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Sound Healing.

Here Sacred Resonance uses the latest in Mind-Body Entrainment, Sound Healing Vibrational Tones and Magnetic Resonance Stimulation to help re-set, re-charge and re-align your vibratory bodies. 

Plant Music Bathing 

Come into the sunroom and bathe in the music of the plants.

Developed by Sacred Resonance, here you can experience direct communication with Plants via the universal language of music. Forrest bathing throughout the world has become a way to relax and recharge. Here in plant bathing you vibrate with the plants ! 

Spiritual Workshops and Talks

Join us for unique topics that enliven the soul and awaken the spirit ! 

Everything from Sound Healing evening to spiritual workshops on the Harmonics of Light, Colour and Sound ! 

In Search of the Divine Gallery

In Search of the Divine Studio Gallery is an artist run gallery for exhibitions, talks, workshops and events dedicated to the sacred arts. Available for artists, groups, teachers and facilitators.

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Supporting wellness at the Academy of Light Centre 

Jessica Curtis

Gallery Curator

In Search of the Divine Gallery

Darren Curtis


Sacred Resonance & Academy for Future Science Australia. 

Bradley Pitt


Sacred Resonance & Academy for Future Science Australia 

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